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published his fine poem Az Ember Tragediaja The Human

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Lawrence James Knight of Malta b. Fairfield Jamaica

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large proportion of those very d. which from their gene

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Dr. Knapp said that in sixty cases of pulsating exophthal

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pearance presented was ghastly in the extreme. Examining

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Jules obtained a position and worked his way to the editorial

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employed as a functional test of renal efficiency Set

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inaction is detrimental. Not much that is oew in the way ol

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Poore has found decided benefit result from the use of a

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frequently employed Unofficinal Preparatiom. By Charles Rice

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monary blood and to bear this overtax and overflow without

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orders as violent convulsions of the digestive apparatus parox

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of Hydroleine is it is claimed not confined to cases of phthisis

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agents. Consequently extension and counter extension should

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of one mouth in particular with well developed organs. The

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creamy pus the needle was then inserted in another place and

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lips and nostrils being capable of altering and modifying the

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The lectures on club foot comprise the author s personal ex

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I always found it chewing the cud. After diligent inquiry I

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Bayle Pierre learned French writer b. 18 Nov. 1647 at

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b. London 1805. Educated at Oxford he was elected to a

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author of a work on Egypt and Jesus d vant Vhistoire rCa jamais

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sophy at Leyden and graduated doctor of law in 64 and doctor

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have a piece of twine or wire running throughout its length

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care if nothing more than laryngeal catarrh exists it should be treated

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the same large flat tubercles as elsewhere. Mesenteric glands

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sory organs. Every breath consonant in the English language

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