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looked upon such measures as external pressure the application
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axilla groin and popliteal space. Four times a day five drops
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pearance presented was ghastly in the extreme. Examining
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iv. Quantitative Determination of I 3 Oxybutyric Acid
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tional symptoms headache lassitude biliousness emaciation neuras
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in hydro carbons but especially oils. So high an authority
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second theory we should infer from the known difi usibility
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hardly expect that it would influence the formation of wind in
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On the motioB of Dr. Wright Beconded by Dr. Whitefbrd
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cited and the conclusions drawn from them are That the
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the body but may be mainly confined to the urogenital apparatus. Clinically
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and was banished from Rome. One of the first emancipators
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scopic examination and to ureteral catheterization. By use of these
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in mammalia it sometimes retards sometimes accelerates
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the inutility of sending phthisical patients to this State who
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of standing within my reach and found them as much at a
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diseases of the skin as found in Gross s System of Surgery
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ly on the subject of consumption as it affects the American
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of OfoUtric for the present year Dr. Paul F. Munde of New
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engaged in the battle of Navarino. Came to England as a
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the contrary the largest amount of sugar and the smallest
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sun is aggravated by calorific food the vis vitse succumbs as

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