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ble out of reach of any food and gave it nothing but fresh

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conveniently available by reissuing them in book form. The

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Sometimes a large quantity of such material is discharged

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author of lU eclat ions of Antirhrist learned book which exposes

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if from our own 1 ks that might cause some blushing

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Allingham Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England Sur

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from consumption is 25 per cent. Hamburg 48 feet above

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Cranch ChriHtopher Pearse American painter and poet b.

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by excessive thirst but there were no other evidences of fever.

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mate as follows The winter climate is cold and yet so dry

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Medical History. The medical history of salicylic acid

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M. Castan reported several cases showing the beneficial

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She told me that occasionally it was very itchy but as there

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is also marked flatness of the chest. In bronchitis however

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numberless variety of remedies until there seemed but little

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including causes known or probable whether internal or ex

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with the best results. The reports of the medical men

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of bone and thirty three necrosis operations. Thus there were

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his two hundred and seventy six cases of scirrlms observed

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monograph on Utilitarian morality. In the following year he

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the surface of the cancer only which is usually in an ulcerat

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CardxLCCi Giosue Italian poet and Professor of Italian

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him in his present position. Before sitting down it was his

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the condition is described by the phrase retention of urine.

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portant subject a subject which will probably never lose its

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heculne of the organ. In the central part of the tumour the

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Dr. George Henry Fox including the following diseases

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It cannot be too strongly emphasized that the edema which occurs in

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terial transfusion may be expected to yield the best results re

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