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the chest the left infra clavicular region was found very dull

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ence to the diseases mentioned may serve as an outline of the

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lings of the workmen. From 1810 15 he published Nem Vit

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tions the result being in all respects highly satisfactory.

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Reasoner 1856 Poema German Revolution The Heroes of German

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A Treatise on Common Forms of Functional Nervous Diseases. By L. Putzel

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Sidney highly esteemed him and kindly entertained him in

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can be perfectly carried on through them. 4 Deglutition can

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Third. The disease is far more amenable to treatment than is generally

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removed to Fordham where he practiced till the time of his

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uvula as near the root as possible if he is called upon to

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and Twelfth Thoracic Nerves renal colic or of stone in the kidney without

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remained of it but a depressed cicatrix in the slightly thickened.

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himself in the socialistic aspect of co operation and became a

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Lake Itaska which is the source of the Mississippi river has

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the foot. This was attached to the foot piece which was

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ceptions but renders the general rule more certain we are

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hi. Battey seemed to justify the course of treatment adopted.

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Eector of St. Andrews and delivered the students an able

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says that when sprinkled either alone or mixed with starch

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the hand on a level with the forearm held horizontally. From

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when they retwi md one ol them i ontinaed ill for shout two

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highly of him and Cuvier considered him the founder of

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night. The eyelids of left eye and the surrounding skin for a

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Chamber and Marriage The latter was confiscated. He is one

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ciable to nearly all ears and represented by characters or let

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Demonstrator of Anatomy at Westminster Hospital Medical School

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prosecuted the writer who fled to Switzerland Pope Clement

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