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Dietetics of the Soul and Ban s TJmectarian Catechism and author
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lower than this point the dullness forms irregular parabolic
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accompanied by pain tenderness on pressure by septicemic
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lated at a meeting of the Societe Medico Psyhologique th lt
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where the education and experience have been similar scarcely
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is noticed in the left knee which seems to be bent with difficulty
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methods indeed of informing ourselves regarding the functional efficiency
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able and interesting paper. Alluding to micrococci spoken of
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plains or prairie which have an elevation varying from 1 200
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of cases after 20 30 or 40 grains. 3. That the purgation was
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the microscope may be used as a means of accurate diag
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Transactions of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. Third Se
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cases. Ten cases were re examined some months afterward
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of the first Earl of Leicester and was bom 3 Jan. 1827. He
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useful in prolapsed ovary. The cradle pessary is used almost in
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Montesquieu Diderot and the encyclopaedists and was noted
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which in the course of a few hours more or less subsides.
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in a medical school which can be equally well learned out
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periments support the claim that digitalis is a stimulant to
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ology of the cervix. The paper is too long to permit of our
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wound but after about three works this had completely
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The obvious and great dangers arising from such defects
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remedies for acidity and flatulence completely failed. We do
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growth there was no history of any injury and there had
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of artificial teeth and that the presence of these in her throat
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these studies special attention is paid to a the time required for the
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the use of stimulants highly seasoned dishes condiments etc.
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Shaw James Dickson American writer b. Texas 27 Dec

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