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man at first as he had watched the progress of the disease
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contains large numbers of flat epithelial cells from the labia and vagina.
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nothing particularly new or interesting was brought out.
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metabolic defect is therefore present which affects the catabolism of only
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Rose and Lucretia Mott she was associated with them in the
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especially indicated. But whenever it is given small doses are
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his philosoph about 470 B.C. in a didactic poem On Nature
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customed to escape and the mammary gland by the sudden
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vical and inguinal glands and the remains of a hard chancre
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He was deputy to the Naples Parliament in 48 and exiled after
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micturition and pain extending down Bpermatic coria into
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expected in view of the advocacy of Battey s operation by the
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not compete as they 1 now cruelly with young practitioners
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even upon those parts where they were most developed. The
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had. lit during the administration of the anaesthetic
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scribed internally in the hope of giving relief by inducing sleep
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there any cause given whatever. This was a strain in a
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are then added and the tube inverted several times. The indigo formed dissolves
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vain. Dr. Ameglio painted the parts three times a day with salicylic acid
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inebriate homes in the several Provinces. This Government
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tension are the systemic symptoms. Locally there is a feel
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infectious 2 cholecystitis 3 cholelithiasis and 4 carcinoma.
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English speaking population scattered throughout the district
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a third natural molar was intended to fit guarded by a
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Dr. Osier had only met with one case in 500 autopsies. There
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catharsis indicated a direct irritation of the nerves of the
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Schopenhauer and Hartmann joining monism to the idealism
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anchylosis and deformity the limb is rendered i rice
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i In the presenl article Credo quotes his original descrip
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tell him that he had discovered something new and remark
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pathological undernutrition. In such conditions serum protein and muscle
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tlie establishment of the Republic he was nominated procureu
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cine has offered 100 for the best essay on a medical subject
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the same sound are then understood. So long as the integrity
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papules had come out on the extensor surfaces of the legs to
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diphtheritic pellicle.. It acta as a local stimulant increasing
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determine as whether they are responsible for the disease ulcer
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A free incision to the bone was made the bone appeared
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greater progress in two years than it has in the first in three.
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accidental atresia of the vagina and the other on pelvic haima
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Carolina and on his return established himself in Colnnibia.
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with A Discourse Concerning Ridicule and Irony in Writing. Died
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distinctions f may be referred to. This curious little essay
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is lowered we may calculate a sugar content of 0.23 per cent
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I russian army where he met his friend Friedrich von Sallet
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The apparatus used in the injection was Dr. M Donnell s simple but
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blood pressure excretion of urine and functional elimination. Therap.
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spermaticus or spermatic cord which passes through the inguinal canal and finally
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and Dr. Blackstock of Chesterville. Decomposition had set
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at once cured. On the other hand in some cases glycerine
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wards became a scientiBc lecturer He took part in the Bev
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Avorks mostly under the veil of anonymity the principal being
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January l s 1 number of the American Journal of Ob UA
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get gurgling rales while on the left side the breathing is a
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sess it. He therefore urges that through a law of the Le
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confluent and isolated areas of fat necrosis in the form of characteristic opaque
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D into ISr and conversely any enforced stoppage of the
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some small portions of a soft growth having its origin appar
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