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Seventy. This good gray poet has also written proHo esHuyB
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the Inquisition a poignard directed against all men of letters.
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causation of cancer they are doubtless the most influential
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year of his age of congestion of the lungs. Between two
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Reports published in the Medical Record we find a report
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operation seems to have hastened the patient s death. Of those
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the tubercles were white in color sessile and even pedunculated.
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Kent 21 Nov. 1821. In consequence of his delicate health he
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there may be kept from breaking down and undergoing the
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rating the thoracic aorta. The cellular tissue surrounding the oesophagus
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examination I found the lower three inches In the condition
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Stanley F. Lloyd American author of An Outline of the
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treatises neglect those important structures the burs e while
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marked by a transfer of the chalk to the tongue but at a
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bacilli should be sought for in especially stained smears of the sediment
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important at the outset to win the confidence and good will of
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to the character as well as to the amount of the work performed.
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affecting the stomach 542 occurred at the pylorus and that of
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Municipal Council. He has written a striking work on Cleric
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symptoms within a few hours developed into those of perityph
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acid may be excreted in larger amounts than normal. The excretion of
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The surface privy as a factor in soil pollution with resulting hookworm
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i lt fonnd a rapport or brace is given to rectify tin deformity.
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Moreover I am pleased to add further evidence upon this
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Van Slyke has shown experimentally that absorbed amino acids from the
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Medical Society are Annual Addresses of May 29 1877
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I .ut a short time since we publis ed a note written bj
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ries of fits in which nearly all the muscles of relation and
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like charcoal by preventing the formation of acrid acids which
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the trachea inflammatory conditions strictures tumours and
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Pes Rapports fhi Physique et du Morale de V Homme in which he
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Some shrewd sayings of his are presei ved as that only the
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The Students Guide to Diseases of Women. By Alfred Lewis Gala
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safety. It will serve the purpose of apothecaries as well as
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latest report we find the following articles The Adoption
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lightly esteemed to study disease or its treatment under a
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Haddington 1840 in which he attacks belief in the Bible.
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thing of his tact and skill little else need be said to commend
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York 11 Aug. 1833. His father was a Congregational ist
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In Tigerstedt s Handbuch der physiologischen Methodik. Leipzig 1911
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was ordered to wean her child and a week later the operation
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shrewdness than his neighbours he has made a discovery viz.
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G nsoime Armand French lawyer and one of the leaders
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the placenta could always be avoided the prospects would be
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Andersen etc. and has contributed to Harpers Magazine and
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Symptoms. There is enlargement of the liver its margin is rounded

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