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editor of various newspapers afterwards living in Paris. He
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Des Periers Jean Bonaventure French poet and sceptic
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has existed the spitting of blood continuing to occur from
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cal procedures and to render good service in the saving of
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inebriate home which lias been in successful operation for the
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control of the interdicted person in all respects and should
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stitches. A preparation of glue which will be referred to
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tributed to Our Comer Time notably an article on Mithraism
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himself there he states that about a year ago he did strain
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disappearance of these forms of edema the chlorid output in the urine is
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quantity used by Jahn. It is evident that in typhoid doses
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States where he gained the friendship of Emerson 9fi
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of Aberdeen and this honor was renewed in 1884 in which
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holiday even of short duration is of great value if merely as
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This form of nephritis found sometimes at autopsy after scarlet fever or
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studied at Ancenis and Angers he went to Paris in 1774.
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and closed the upper portion of the larynx. The indication was trache
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Willis a comprehensive and valuable work which must
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dipping it into hot water and scraping off the under surface un
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excellent Practical Physiology of Foster and Langley refer
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in a number ol diphtheria a careful counting of the blood
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The Secretary then read the report of the Committee on
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Ledermann Reinhold. Die Therapie der Haul und Geschlechtskrankheiten fur prak
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the operation has failed in its object 1 think however that the
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In defense Bailli declared mat having observed thai in
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nocturia. Not infrequently the symptoms which bring the patient to the
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different. In the treatment recommended for the early stage
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treatment may not always be desirable. It is especially adapt
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want of cleanliness and the frequent intermarriage of persons
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srtg discretion will be regarded as the better part of valor.
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falling under what now goes by the name of Hygiene but at
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in children a contra indication raised by Schroetter against laryngotomy
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all swollen although she says that quite a long time ago
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observed two indications are pressing to attack the infectious
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danger of subsequent permanent incontinence of urine if the
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izing her utter inability to pronounce some words she finally
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friend and literary executor to Robert Owen. In 51 53 he
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in two or three days more the animal was perfectly well. 8
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of the child were found very soft the thigh being nearly sev
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appearance was striking and one of his portraits is not unlike
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was profoundly asleep. He now pressed sharply with his nail
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the student practically useless. Why does not Dr. James
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Clayton Robert successively Bishop of Killala Cork and
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the urine in the intervals between attacks is diminished while the uric
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that a large number remain mixed with the people in the several
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the heart s action and a sensation of breathlessness. He be
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Forms. Hydatids of the liver may develop either as 1 echinococcus
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plete collection of the works of Bentham. Returned to Parlia
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It was removed piecemeal through a semi lunar incision on the posterior
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advance to the Positivist school of Thought. In 53 ahe issued 1
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the cloisters of Westminster Abbey. Died 15 May 1740.
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hi memoriam of the late Dr. H. Althof who was one of the
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that upon this subject present views requu e modification.
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Dounoe his interdiction and int a curator to manage his
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Blame 57 Memoirs of the Empress Catherine and My Exile 55.
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the costal cartilages. About four pints of blood stained Berum
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These however can not be taken as evidence to prove the im
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I have described this case thus minutely to bring out the
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poorhouse in whicli disabled and incurable paupers are shel
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ejaculatio praecox will be obtained in others external inspection will
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seventy seven grains were given in one dose. Occasionally
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ly each description including the natural history chemistry
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History of the Inquisition and History of the Popes 83.

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