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on heating and reappears on cooling. Strong hydrochloric acid produces a dense
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year in Cuba without benefit. I liad spent also nearly a
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who has recently presented Bach an admirable series of repre
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ordinary administration of calomel the bichloride rendered
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stopped. This may generally be done by giving 20 grains of
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Suspected Peritonitis suddenly developed Dr. Geeene re
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mere reprint for it contains several very important alterations
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ed as favorable for the palliation or cure of phthisis. The
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works on human anatomy and the dissectors guides. This
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the Republic and organised the national defences leaving
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ber 20 1879 that the Tartar steppes Iceland the Shetland
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at present is perhaps the most vaunted and best advertised
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is stated that the catarrhal variety outnumbers either of the

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