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Dear Sir I have just been perusing the annual report of

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thopoedic Surgery in which is included some very useful

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magical translation of Lucian s most characteristic Dialogue of

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Chian turpentine which can be safely and continuously given is

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returned in an irregular manner. She suddenly lost blood in

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ether ethyl acetate. The ethyl acetate extract should be colored yellow with a

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I am about to present to you this evening the history of an

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Etiology. Amyloid deposit is known to occur chiefly in cachectic

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being adopted. Most of the surgical diseases of the female

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sion. The most distressing symptoms were nausea and vom

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To the Chancellor and Corporation of the University of Bishop s College

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some atheists and sceptics from Kapila to Leconte de Lisle 86.

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it will no doubt be found useful by students resident accoucheurs

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either incipient or developed and who were cured or benefited

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should consider it a duty to devote some little time to giving the

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means to prevent contractility of scar tissue will supercede or

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plasia of the connective tissue Glisson s capsule surrounding

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portion of the lepers are treated as out patients and it is stated

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of age with a markedly neurotic family history. Be hai been

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aot. Sere as elsewhere the latter strives to ascertain

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pulsation was felt at the wrist. Wound looked perfectly healthy

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secreting glands the production of the urine depending upon the coor

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the three lower segments of the coccyx with the bone forceps.

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find preferable to a bed as there is nothing by which they can

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marks on the same subject. As I have been medical attend

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reoorred at intervals of firom two to eight days she left the

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and if counter irritation cm do mv good here you hai most

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alteration takes place in the blood causing this purpura hssmor

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not hoinj opened nntil it be controlled. The assertion that tho voice is

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pended upon tubercle was accepted as a fact by the profes

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lay in notifying parents of the illness of scholars we know from

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of the day previous The belly now being much distended to

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Medicine and the Collateral Sciences the Pronunciation heing plainly

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and internal growths here laid down but he states Surgical

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Workmen s Union and was sent to Parliament in 67. He

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in the whole according to which the approved candidates will

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Prof. Medical Jurisprudence and Hygiene McGill University Attending

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seventh of which were original cases in his own private ami

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and eighty grains of the pure acid. This case may be ex

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chronic gastric catarrh chronic ulcer and carcinoma. In the

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Department of the Platte to proceed to New York City and on arrival

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appointed Professor of Logic in Queen s College Spanish town

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have always been noted for taking an active interest in the

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nerve only must have been involved in the morbid process. Altogether

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Guirlando Giulio di Treviso. Italian heretic put to death

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IV. Diseases of the pancreatic ducts pancreatic calculi ascending

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hemicrania we have to deal with and have in consequent

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II i twin. There is no consumption in the family nor have

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been sadly lowered since it was defined by Professor Barker

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upon its further administration. Hence salicylate of soda

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