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intestinal digestion. The integument of the face neck and

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St. Mary s Hospital for Women. The corner stone of the

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Diagnosis. If the liver be freely movable and easily replaceable there

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right leg prevented the boy from having an attack of cellulitis

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escaped travelled over a thousand miles under extreme hard

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to me that veratruni viride in its capacity of a si inal motor

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Puerperal Convulsions. Dr. Clarke of Oswego in an article

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the appearance of the disease. U it be true thai pre existing

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travelling on railway car was thrown on his back and struck

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He became a distinguished alienist of the materialist school

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fective Drainage and Water Supply in parts of Indiana Mis

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thai of James Thomson Died in Baltimore 7 Oct. 1840.

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Dr. Isaac E. Taylor of New York read a paper in which

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A. The scope and requirements of human anatomy. The

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and all the incisor teeth leaving a wide gap between the two

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portion of his urethra and the whole of the perineum indurated

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Poor Sinners He also wrote Humanity As It Is and As It Should

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close the defects of and improve our system of law. Macaulay

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other forms. He does not think that changes of climate can

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benefit to the public which must follow a loyal discharge of such

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He has written many poems in Swedish and also translated

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phenomenon for a diabetic glycosuria. The excretion of lactose in the

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He has never seen well with the left eye which he attributes

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should in this way overflow from the liver into the lungs but

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travelling to Switzerland and Italy he settled at Munich

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we mention Ghria which has been translated into English

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rior to other remedies for these complaints indeed in se

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