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the fixed iod volatile oik and in glycerine. The author pub
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following the local action of feces under pressure or of concretions within the
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followed but in a much milder degree and only lasted for about twenty
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contractions of the uterine body. It occurs only in abnormal
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hitherto treated by this plan though not numerous arc emin
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convict them of being law breakers. With the majority of these
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elimination required the expurgative and reconstructive efforts
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in Newgate for two years for drinking to the success of the
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they suffer through a plethora of material The physician in
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central and Provincial boards of health compulsory vaccination
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town. In 58 he went to the Talmud High School Presburg
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that an effort might be made to overcome these obstacles.
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nous processes of the second and third dorsal vertebrse and on
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monary obstruction the symptoms of hepatic congestion come
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in this State. Therefore when it is proposed to try the effects
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of triturations. It is difficult of removal and often occasions doubt
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Naples n Progresso a review of science literature and art.
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Paterson Thomas b. near Lanark early in this century.
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gynecology who has not mastered all that he has set forth
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On physical examination the signs suggest pneumothorax or pyopneu
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etiolated and they fall an easy prey to consumption. It is at
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other experiments on the influence of salicylic acid on yeast
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anti clerical societies. In 66 he published a criticism of
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periment forty five grains of salicylate were injected into the
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Studies 58 and an able and scholarly Elementary and Critical
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Prey William the adopted name of a Russian Positivist
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tralises and renders innocuous the irritating discharges and by
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after meals. If the patient be chlorotic it is well to combine a
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school he soon gave up religion. At sixteen he maintain
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When we consider the high rate of mortality in humid
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the entrance of bile or of duodenal contents into the ducts.
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solution otherwise well ventilated the p itients were let into the open
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were that the striae are not caused by rupture of the Malpi
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still had the temerity to defend himself by drawing an anatomi
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or i ather the fire necessary to compose it he nevertheless
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was the worst feature of tin present meeting and we hope that
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gei m j gt ropagation of the disease ably discusses tlie subject
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one instance of a physician in whom fever had continued for months.
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tubers in the latter structure ulceration and immobility on the
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written under his own name Eidolon and other poems 1850
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ined systematically per rectum. The patient should bend forward rest
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with one of the provisions of the charter of the College will
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and concentrated depositing a brick dust sediment of urates in the cold.
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humanity of the 19th century and cease to practise the cruelties
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face. The one process hyperostosis is rare in the region of
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Freethinkers Society De Dageraad of which he became
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which continued for many years. Has published many dis
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of fil rous tumors whicli are as follows Between the ases
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