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intestines it acts as a potent antiseptic upon the contents of
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cavity because in no other way may it be completely cleansed.
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Then comes on a period of septiccemic fever remittent in
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Atheism and blasphemy. The audacity of his genina is dis
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mploy that salt in all eases of purulent ophthalmia
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Complications. Physicians should bear in mind certain complications
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Rotheln affords no protection against either measles or scarla
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priety of Having an Assistant Female Superintendent for
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confine myself were limited to or originated in that institution.
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pagitica may be traced to Acontius who Cheynell informs
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My Dictionary does not pretend to be a complete list
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Sacree attributed to him is really by d Holbach. Died 17 Dec
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Mental Life of Animals HaeckeVs History of Creation and Letters
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scribed are not unusual. On opening the trachea it was found contracted
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sory nerve. The disease had lasted ten days. 3j doses of
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The second edition of this work exhibits a commendable
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ing a Freethinker early in life ho for some time Bold literature
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the Democrat. At the beginning of 48 he visited New York
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to London 1658 but after the publication of the Acts of Uni
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controversies with Mr. Gladstone in his articles on the Evolu
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The now recognized impropriety of enlarging the meatus
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duction to the Old Testament. A fearless opponent of the
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typhoid bacilli are often demonstrable in the urine.
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tion especially of human excrement or b the habitual drinking of im
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metre about 2 100 000 42 per cent. Proportion of white to
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The following table shows a classification more in accord
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Eskilstuna he started a Utilitarian Society in 88 of which he
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with reference to climate which is definitely settled it is the
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pricking and dryness in the pharynx or larynx sometimes in both organs
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On enquiry I learned that during his boyhood he had always
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Falles von schwerer Hepatitis parenchymatosa bei Wander erysipel und
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temperature and in general apyretic medicinal agents are
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Xt appeared in English in 1695. Died Amsterdam 1 1 June 1698.
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the value of salicylic acid as a dentifrice and mouth wash that
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tween the anterior and posterior pillars of the velum of the palate and
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him Count of Pelusuin and gave him an estate for hia many
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meat which had stuck in his throat for twenty four hours and resisted
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orthodox piety romantic love and music. He died 8 April
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bounding Douglas s pouch can be palpated from the vagina but still more
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Taule Ferdinand M.D. of Strassburg author of Notions on
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formed or diarrhoea or dysentery may occur when suppura
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visited some relatives and is reported to have taken cold again.
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cent piece at the base of which a slough is still adherent
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In true pruritus no pathological changes whatever can be
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of a rigid os uteri we believe chloral hydrate is more useful
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Christian Religion under the title of Whence come the Miracles of
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became M.A. in 1690 and proceeded to Leyden studying under
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would appear to have been a sharp attack of ear ache
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Be addressed a series of philosophical questions to Ibn Sabin a

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