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Art. YI. Manual of the Principles and Practice of Operative Sur

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for the fourth the pulse was 94. The patient was conscious

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or its chromogen. Boiling does not change the port wine color. The

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and philanthropist b. of noble family the son of a general

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was received and adopted Yice presidents W. A. McAllis

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well expresses the emotion of the Religion of Humanity and

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ofmedicuM will stimulate your industry and promote a taste

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avoided by the new operation. In view of the recent successes of

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surely as it would to the combination of an arctic temperature

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Pitt William. Earl of Ohathara an illuitriouB English

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which the hay bacillus could not be got by any means to develop

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dispense with some of their human material there would be

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tation. On the 18th more special treatment was begun. He

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the incubation was exactlj four days. It is noteworthy that

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knowledge rests. He gave moral discourses in the lecture room

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In both cases the cause was the walk taken by the pupils of

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character and did not include any religious dogmas.

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correctness of the French author s assertion that in pneumonia or pleurisy

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which he left to study philosophy at Vienna. He has written

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much narrower tlie left vocal cord having advanced to the middle of the

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JSxaminations for Students v Jio tahe the full Course of

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into the cavity of the nterus but interstitial tumors or those

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cavity general peritonitis subphrenic abscess or into the intestine ileus

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It will at cmce be observed that this rubber steam jacket

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terized as the production of an ignorant surgeon and a very

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Dr. Isaac E. Taylor reports a case of extreme antever

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Liver pale not enlarged. Nothing special was noticed in

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which has been translated into German French and English.

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adenocarcinoma beginning in the columnar epithelium of the glandulae intestinales

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question namely whether the water teas or was not the source

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the development of the affection I. It may prevent the m

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enduring and an increasingly useful future Sit pt rpetu

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Glycosuria following anesthesia produced by the intravenous injection of

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in 12 or 29 27 per cent there was no treatment adopted

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tie provisional Government of 1848. He opposed the election

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from the pelvis of the kidney from those coming from the bladder are

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McLean in order to express the changes in rate of excretion in a

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mittee reports of a considerable number of important and

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Dr. Sullivan Kingston Does great swelling and redness

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an epoch. Darwin took no part in the controversy raised by

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hydrate alone but subsequently added i small dose oi acetate

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save a wound from profuse suppuration in a foul atmosphere

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second half of the nineteenth century. Died at Florence

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great deal of the book is taken from Professor Holmgren s

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gery of the Antrum of Highmore the patient who was the

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It may be obtained in this city of William Bauer 340 Third

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Fig. 461. Water Intake Water Output Specific Gravity

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