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Among the numerous publications of Dr. Rush we note

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Further examination led to the discovery of smaller bodies pos

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Etiology. Congenital hydronephrosis is known due to abnormality

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now expected to form an alliance with the Hospital Medical

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There B recurring abortion when even yet DO special

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been passed by other physicians before he said in accordance

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ty well. The question of tracheotomy is discussed at some

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arm could be used without any support. He thought there

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make one little gasp a second and a third soon followed and

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later that the excretion of nitrogenous substances becomes involved. A low hemo

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others with regard t lt gt the function of the Malpighian bodies oi

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optimistic to look forward to the realization of this boon at

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Bodin Jean French political writer b. Angers 1530.

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P. Sharpies of Boston Chemist and Inspector of Milk for the

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In 33 he was elected as Radical M.P. for the City of London

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deed the sovereign remedy as compared with all others is

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allowed to run on however it naturally tends toward asthma

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zation to have stimulants applied through the physician s breath.

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which he strongly discountenanced quoting the opinion of the

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already sufficiently taxed Mr. Editor. I will close by observing

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length of description of remedies which usually occupy a great

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when admitted into hospital had a violent fever 104 10G F. quickened

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clusion that her symptoms arose from other causes than preg

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were very abundant in the fissure between the lower and middle

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ally present and there is rapid emaciation and loss of strength.

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surements and identifying substances. This would seem surprising in

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mts while vegetable micrococci did not it was also gt tv

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are irritated by effete material accumulated in the capilla

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ach veins solution of the aft ected mucous membrane occurs

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S. Mackenzie agreed on the diagnosis it seems superfluous i lt

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vents the reproduction of morbid products. That salicylic

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impulse not seen nor felt except in region of epigastrium where

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right eye was impaired due to atrophy of the optic nerve.

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panying the central disease. Professor Charcot believes that we have no

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of life frequent debauches imprudent diet want of his ac

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motion. Excision was performed June 24th. A shell of

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In forty four cases the calomel was given without other

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stituents. Creatinin excretion is seen to remain constant in quantity the

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as those which have grown into the uterine cavity but

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and varieties we might almost say of these especially Eczema

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body or fundus of the uterus is tender the rubber ring must be

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Three courses of lectures are required for graduation.

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